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About Bike and Mountain

At Bike and Mountain, we’re all about outdoor adventures, and we think that mountain biking is one of the best ways to experience everything they have to offer.

Our goal is to help make the sport as accessible as possible. Sometimes it feels like there’s a steep learning curve when getting into a new activity. Learning about all the new gear, techniques, places, and styles of an activity can be daunting. We have all gone through this and our hope is that by writing about our experiences, thoughts, and learnings on mountain biking we can make it easier for everyone to dive in and get riding. This is a great sport and there are so many ways to do it – there’s something for everyone to be found out on the trail.

Bike and Mountain was founded in Portland, OR, but our contributors share their mountain biking experience and knowledge from all corners of the map. We strive to create content to keep you informed about the latest gear and industry news, and to share our experiences, techniques, and information about the trails we ride. Mountain biking is for everyone, and it’s our goal to bring maximum enjoyment of the sport to riders at all levels from all walks of life.

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Michael Crites

Michael Crites

From BMXing off homemade ramps as a kid to commuting through Portland streets in the rain, biking has always been part of Michael’s life. However, it wasn’t until his late 30s that mountain biking became a fixture in his outdoor pursuits and discretionary spending. When not cajoling his kids to get outside, sweating for his hobby farm, or writing about guns, Michael can be found splitting trees and bombing down tech chunder throughout the PNW.

Zak Schulhoff

Zak is a co-founder of Bike and Mountain. As a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, he has had opportunities to experience the outdoors in many different ways. An avid outdoor enthusiast, he finally tried out mountain biking in his mid 30s and was instantly hooked. With his wife and two children, Zak tries to hike, bike, camp, and explore as much as possible. As a Software Engineer by trade and musician by avocation, when not exploring the outdoors he can be found working on technical projects or creating experimental music.
Zak Schulhoff

David Alden-St.Pierre

David Alden-St.Pierre Author Picture

David Alden-St.Pierre is a Massachusetts based rider and photographer who’s been mountain biking since the early-nineties.  Starting on the flat but technical trails in central Florida, he’s ridden over roots, rocks, mud, and dirt all over the US, and Central America, Europe, and Australia. He’s just as happy trying to hang with the fast guys/gals as he is stopping for trailside wildflower pics. 

Find him on Instagram: @davealden43

Sergei Poljak

Sergei has spent his entire adult life skirting societal expectations and taking inspiration from the mountains. He loves nothing more than a gravity-laden adventure of the two-wheeled, fully-suspended sort. He hopes you find value in his knowledge and stories.

Sergei Poljak