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Giro del Monte Bianco in mtb di Hugo. Agosto 2008

In January, I have discovered in “BIKE” magazine that it was possible to ride around Mont Blanc in 5 days.
In early July, the “compagnie des guides de Courmayeur” has called me back to tell me that they had found 2 brave guys to follow me and our guide in this crazy adventure.
As I usually do more than 10000 km a year on road bike, I was sure that I could be able to climb these stiff mountains (even if I have had to push on 6 of them…). I just took last 6 weeks to make some mountain bike technique.
Indeed, not only downhills are very difficult but even flat or sloping parts are hard with their stones, roots or even ravines…
We started on the 25th of August at 9 under a beautiful azzuro sky that will stay with us the whole week.
My wife and our kid were meeting us every evening in the different shelters that Gianfranco, our guide, has chosen. So we haven’t had heavy bags on our back for this hard trip.
This journey brought us from Italy to France than Switzerland and back to Italy, here it is in a few numbers:

230 km (with only 40 on roads).
8600 m height difference
2h30 pushing the bike only.
32 hours on it.
10 liters of energy drink.
23 cereal bars.
5 guarana drinks.
2 weeks without alcohol (hard for a Belgian boy…)

My conclusion is that this trip will stay fixed in my memory for all my life; for landscapes as well as for overtaking physical limits!!!
The sun has been good to us which avoid me to think “What the hell am I doing here?!?” but I guess that, in bad weather conditions, it could be another story!


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